Have you ever wished you had someone in your corner who didn't give a shit about where you came from or what failures you've had in the past?

Me too.

I'm not here to tell you that your spouse or partner or best friend isn't that person. But they're probably not. Unfortunately the people we have the hardest time being vulnerable with, and the people we fear reinventing ourselves in front of, are the very people closest to us.

We've been us for so long—the person that people know us to be—that reinventing ourselves looks either like an act of desperation, or an attempt to distance ourselves from the people closest to us becuase they're not good enough.

The Stigma of Self Development

Over the last decade or so, I've had a keen interest in self development and the relationship between who we are and how we feel and what we do for work. Over these years, a few key things have stood out to me.