Getting Perspective

You are one of the most empowered professionals in the world. You're a software developer; you create opportunities with your bare hands—you build incredible applications that entertain, that help others, that connect people, and that change the world around you.


I'm with you. I've felt the same way. But I've learned things can be different.

"There's more to being a good software developer than writing good code—ownership, courage, accountability, vulnerability, integrity—values like these help us connect not only with our work, but with the people and the purpose of our work."

1:1 Developer Coaching

I work one-on-one with individual developers in a technical or career focused approach (or both) to gain clarity and remove barriers to personal growth and excellence.

Team Transformation

I help teams realize their potential and build better software by exploring what's already working, and layering in simple improvements in the areas of communication, ownership, and accountability.

Software Consulting

Whether you need guidance on software architecture, assistance with infrastructure, devops, or automation, or just some hands-on help to ship a feature on time, I'm ready to jump in and get it done.


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