I specialize in idea generation, tech strategy, training, software architecture, marketing, and coaching. I can also play the role of an interim CTO, tech lead, or developer to help manage workload and meet deadlines.

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Why Work With Me?

Do you have quality issues? Integration or automation challenges? Technical debt or inefficiencies? A team of good developers but limited time to manage or train them?

I've worked with startups and I've worked with enterprise organizations, and the challenges are always the same. Stop doing everything yourself and let me help you.

But Wait, There's More...

Of course, no one person can do everything, so I also have a network of highly-vetted professionals that I trust inherently in the areas of lead generation, social media, marketing and sales funnels, graphic design, performance coaching, and more. These are not affiliates; these are people I have sought out, know in person, and would trust with the keys to my house.

Work I'm Interested In

I am looking for remote, full-time employment or projects to which I can contribute 10-20 hours per week, ongoing. I'm usually involved in some sort of project, but welcome the opportunity to talk with you and learn what you're working on.

Areas of Focus

  • Tech strategy and idea generation
  • SOLID principles
  • .NET Web API and API design
  • Architecture, CI, DevOps
  • Software development training
  • Proof of concept development and strategy
  • Project management (Agile) and SDLC
  • .NET development (MVC, Web Forms)
  • SQL Server, database design, information infrastructure
  • HTML, CSS, design
  • JavaScript, jQuery, Angular
  • Umbraco (Certified Level II Developer)
  • More...

How Can I Help You?

If you have a project that needs help, a process that needs improvement, or an idea that you want a sounding board for, let's have a discussion. Want more information about what I do? Read all About Me or view My Resume.

Send an email to , or find me on Skype and tell me what you're working on.

I am available to help you

If you'd like to learn how I help small tech companies generate ideas and build better software, schedule a free 30-minute call with me.

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